Mold Flux for Continues Casting NITTEX

NITTEXTM Contributes to Improvement of Steel Quality and Steelmaking Productivity with Its High Technology and Quality Products

Based on the high technology and quality control accrued through over thirty years' experience and R&D, the NITTEXTM Division of Nippon Steel Metal Products Co., Ltd. contributes to the enhancement of steel quality and steelmaking productivity with its high-quality products and technical services.

Wide Product Range

NITTEXTM, one of Japan's largest makers of mold flux for continuous casting, produces a wide range of auxiliary chemical agents used in the steelmaking process to meet the diverse requirements of the steel industry.

1 Mold flux for continuous casting
2 Insulating materials for ladle and tundish
3 Flux for ladle and tundish
4 Auxiliary agent for ingot casting
5 Others

NITTEXTM products for production of high-quality steel


Advanced Equipment and Quality Control

NITTEXTM products are highly reliable ones manufactured under strict quality control using the most advanced equipment. The strictly selected raw materials are inspected on their arrival, and only those which meet the specifications are measured and blended through computer control, and then mixed in the optimum mixers. Mixtures are analyzed by modern precision analyzers, and only those passing the standards move to the subsequent process. The overall manufacturing process varies according to kinds and types of products, but basically it is composed of the linkage of batch and continuous processes. At each process, thorough quality control and process control are executed. Exemplified are the manufacturing process and control items for the production of mold flux, "MELMARITTM" of premelting type, for continuous casting.


Manufacturing process


Quality Design and Technical Service

For the new application of NITTEXTM products in steelworks, our technical staffs hold detailed discussions with their steelworks' counterparts in order to precisely determine the requirements, and recommend most suitable products through selection of standard products and new design on the basis of accumulated experience and know-how.
After deciding the test products, they are delivered in accordance with the test program of the steelworks. Then necessary data are collected and sampling is undertaken with the attendance of our technical staff. The evaluation of test results is made by discussion of quality data of the steelworks and the analysis results of our collected data together with the survey results (compositions and physical properties) of the sampling we have conducted.
If these results are appropriate, the required product is produced via mass testing.

Test and Research Equipment

With a full range of measuring equipment for product quality control and quality design, and for physical property research and R&D, we are positively promoting the enhancement of quality, product improvement, sampling of basic data and new product development.

Numerous Delivery Records

The NITTEXTM mold flux for continuous casting is supplied to about 30 steelworks in Japan and abroad, including all the steelworks of Nippon Steel Corporation, contributing to the enhancement of steel quality and productivity of the steelworks.
NITTEXTM supplies about 70% of Nippon Steel's mold flux requirements, and the flux is used for the production of all grades of steel.